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Enhance Flexibility to Mitigate Environmental Impacts at Airports


We urge Congress to evaluate and implement cost-effective methods for a more environmentally friendly aviation system.


  • Increase opportunities to expand sustainability efforts at airports.


  • Streamline National Environmental Policy Act requirements.

Aviation forecasts continue to predict robust growth for the aviation industry, increasing attention on the environmental impacts of aircraft and airport operations.  Several studies indicate that the environmental impacts associated with predicted growth in air travel demand may offset the environmental benefits already achieved.  Understanding these concerns, airports continue to take proactive steps to better understand and mitigate those impacts to the natural environment and local community.  Since much of the impact is outside an individual airport’s control, organizations like ACI-NA, AAAE, and our members are working collaboratively to influence international, federal, and state/local governments, airplane manufacturers, and airlines to respond to these environmental concerns. 


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